Activities 2011-2012

November. Rob Bateman came to our school to talk about Shakespeare's world, life and background. He illustrated his lecture with pictures to help the students visualize the fashions and way of life at the beginning of the XVIIth century in Britain.


November. This course Paul Hammond has come back to explain his experiences after coming to Spain for the first time. He was shocked by some unexpected differences as regards punctuality, politeness or ways to have fun, among others.


February. Julian Jahanpour, from Macmillan publishers, told our students about British culture using maps, music, arts and humour, among others.


March. The Australian Fred Purnell visited us to let us know about "permaculture", a good ecological practice, emphasizing the fact that anyone can develop green fingers, grow plants or do some agricultural practice.


March. Students enjoyed an interactive "tasty" talk by Simon Mellule on British condiments. Participants were able to taste and comment on different condiments British people use to flavour their dishes and make them more palatable.


March. This time Simon Mellule gave students a talk on British slang, useful to know the current speaking trends. He also taught us some "forbidden" swear words and how to be polite when mentioning the unmentionable.


April. Mark Cowley played his piano and sang a few famous British and American songs. Then he explained our students some anecdotes related to those songs. The students sang along and asked him questions about the songs or the singers.