Activities 2010-2011


On November 16th, Ms Patricia Benson, an English teacher from Ireland, came to our school to give a lecture to the second year students with the title "A Tour around Ireland" . She took the students on a trip around the island, stopping in the most famous spots, telling anecdotes about them and inviting the students to participate in the activities. Her trip finished having a drink (Guiness, of course) in an Irish pub.



On the same day, Susen Ahluwalia gave a talk to our 4th and 5th year students about Indian traditions and festivities. The activity included a taste of some typical sweets.



January 31st. An enjoyable talk by David Holmes (from Macmillan Publishers) to teach us some more about British and Irish culture: history, symbols, music, traditions, and many other...



March 28th. Susen Ahluwalia taught our first year students how to prepare Indian dishes. The activity included an introduction to India and Indian food, and the taste of the dish.



March 30th. A talk given by Rob Bateman with lots of entertaining visual images to let us know more about his birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, and the time and society that made of William Shakespeare the most admired British playwright ever.



April 7th. A really interactive talk given by Simon Mellule, where students and teachers tasted and compared the ordinary and less common condiments British people use to enhance their dishes.



May 10th. Mark Cowley played his piano and sang a few famous British and American songs. Then he explained our students some anecdotes related to those songs. The students sang along and asked him questions about the songs or the singers.