Activities 2009-2010

At the beginning of December our fourth and fifth year students attended an interactive session about British comedy. They had a look at it through the years and watched different extracts of TV series and films.

By the mid of December our third year students learnt about British condiments. They tasted them together with different kinds of food and became familiar with the Briish eating habits.

On March 10th Tom Wogan, from Oxford University press, gave a talk to our fourth and fifth year students about the famous writer Agatha Christie. The students learnt about her interesting life and works and they were later given a quiz to assess their listening comprehension skills.

Also in March Susen Ahluwalia taught our first year students how to prepare Indian dishes. The activity included an introduction to India and Indian food and the taste of the dish.

In April Paul Hammond, an English writer and translator, told our third year students about the "culture shock" he suffered when he first arrived in Barcelona.