Activities 2008-2009

In November our fourth and fifth year students attended an interactive session about Britain and its culture. David Holmes talked about some of the typical stereotypes as well as about other related topics such as music, idioms and British symbols.

In December our third and fourth year students attended a "storytelling" session offered by Bluemango Theatre. Our students enjoyed a modern day parable about the world we live in: family life, work,... and how we deal with it. The original story was by Dario Fo.

In March Tom Wogan, from Oxford University Press, took our fifth year students on a virtual tour along the history of New Zealand. The activity consisted of a presentation followed by a quiz to check the students' oral comprehesion.

By the end of March Susen Ahluwalia taught our first year students how to prepare Fresh Panner and how to cook Paneer Tikka, an Indian dish. The activity included an introduction to India and Indian food and the taste of the dish.

In April Paul Hammond, an English writer and translator, told our third year students about the "culture shock" he suffered when he first arrived in Barcelona. Two weeks later he gave a talk to a group of advanced students with the title: Confessions of a non-selling author.

In May Martine Meunier, a free-lance Canadian teacher had a story-telling session with our second year students. Her stories take you on a journey through Canada's nine English-speaking provinces and their particular reality.