Activities 2007-2008

In December our third and fourth year students attended a speech about British culture. It went over the most typical issues such as British personality, the weather, the food... so that students could have a different perspective.

By the middle of February Josep Suller and Barbara Latham performed their Sing Along show on the stage of the auditorium of the wine museum. They sang and played well-known rock and pop hits from the 70's onwards, while they encouraged our students to sing along.

On March 13th the group Clever Pants performed their show Clever Cupid for the students of English of our school. The play, an interactive, comic and musical sketch show, analyses the mysteries of love. In it, the famous matchmaker, Cupid, is hard at work trying to make the characters -and even the members of the audience- fall in love.

On May 15th the group The Grandads played traditional American music from the beginning of the XXth century: Country, Gospel, Blues, Ragtime and Jazz. They were accompanied by two dancers who taught our students how to dance to their music. Finally, the students were asked to take a quiz about the information they were given during the show.