Activities 2006-2007


On November 29th, Mrs Patricia Benson, an English teacher from Ireland, came to our school to give a lecture to the second year students with the title "A Tour around Ireland" . She took the students on a trip around the island, stopping in the most famous spots, telling anecdotes about them and inviting the students to participate in the activities. Her trip finished having a drink (Guiness, of course) in an Irish pub.




On December 12th, the writer and TV presenter Matthew Tree gave a talk to our second and third year students with the title: Catalonia seen from Abroad. He talked about his own experiences in Catalonia and with the Catalan language and answered the questions of the students.



On December 20th and 21st, some of our students, who are experts in the wine world, gave their classmates a talk about the necessary vocabulary and techniques for tasting wine. Those under age tasted different cola brands.




On March 29th
, an English teacher currently working in Barcelona told our third year students about a boat voyage from Thailand to Cyprus.



On May 25th
The Stompers, a group who plays traditional Irish music, gave a concert at the Teatre Municipal Cal Bolet for our EOI. The students clapped hands, sang along and had lots of fun.