Activities 2005-2006

On November 24th, a group of students and teachers from Germany and Poland visited the IES Milà i Fontanals, the secondary school that hosts our language school. As had been previously been agreed, the German teachers attended a lesson of the second year English students who had prepared questions about different topics related to their country, such as economy, politics, education or free time.


On December 16th a rock concert was held at the school, preceded by a "light" dinner at the school's library. The singer was Hèctor Gilberto, an English teacher and a musician.The objective of this activity was to take the students on a tour along the history of British and American pop music. During the concert they were invited to ask questions to the musician and to sing along.





On March 16th, Mrs Patricia Benson, an English teacher from Ireland, came to our school to give a lecture to the second year students with the title "A Tour around Ireland" . She took the students on a trip around the island, stopping in the most famous spots, telling anecdotes about them and inviting the students to participate in the activities. Her trip finished having a drink (Guiness, of course) in an Irish pub.



On April 26th, Miss Bettina Wiemer from Hassfurt, Germany, visited our school to chat with the first year English students. She's here taking part in a student exchange between her Gymnasium and the IES Milà i Fontanals. Our students asked her questions about herself
and her country and school.




First year 17:00 h.


First year 19:00 h.

Second year 19:00 h.